Custom Software Development

We plan for the future of your product ecosystem with custom software development.

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Custom Software Development
Software Product Development
Web Development

Web Development

A custom-made web application ties your digital ecosystem together by providing an intuitive experience across your desktop or mobile web. Before we write a single line of code, we dig into design and user research to ensure we're building a product that meets the users' needs to the fullest, Working alongside your internal stakeholders, our team develops apps that help you exceed your strategic business objectives.

Mobile Development

The success of a mobile strategy depends heavily on the development approach, and we are experts in helping our partners determine what makes sense long-term for their product.

Regardless if it's a cross-platform or native iOS or Android application, we will cater to your needs and work together to choose a solution that is promised to work and build upon for the lifetime of your product.

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Backend Development

Backend Development

Building your product on an unstable backend is like building a house on a cracked foundation-no matter how beautiful the house is, it won't stand for long.

Whether you're building an inventory management tool, a customer databse, a payment processing application, or any other of software, you need an unshakeable foundation where your product can thrive. Stable Kernel creates reliable and scalable cloud-based environments where your products can grow along with your data.

Tools & Process

Software Architecture

Our experianced software architects build modern, modular, scalable architectures that are specifically designed to support and maximize your growing custom software with long term plans in mind.

Continous Integration

As soon as we complete a feature, the server runs all of our tests to ensure quality and prevent bugs from impending future iterations.


Analytics is central to our process and allows us to build and optimize data features based on your usage data.

UI & Unit Testing

We run unit and user interface tests throughout the develoment process to prevent bugs and ensure it looks great on every device.

Continuous Delivery

As soon as we build new features, you'll receive the latest version so you can try and test in real time. It's part of our ongoing, agile process that ensures a better product.

High-Performance Languages

We have expertice in latest technolies and modern framework like flutter, laravel, nodeJS, wordpress, so we will always select the best languages or work to fit your project and needs.